Welcome to Buena Park Montessori Academy

Learning for the Future!


We welcome you to one of the area's premier private schools. Our school offers Montessori Education as the foundation and the Common Core State Standard and the STEAM program. Our environment is designed for your child to joyfully explore, learn at their own pace, and maximize their potential to be independent and thrive as individuals.

Our curriculum offers daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans to enrich each child's learning process. We focus on all core areas, including language-based phonics, math concepts, cultural arts, and integrate the STEAM program to ensure and monitor your child's continued progress.

We recognize that positive communication and relationships between teachers and families are crucial. Therefore, all parents can communicate with staff regarding any questions or concerns about their children at any time.

We look forward to guiding your child through this crucial and critical period with love, care, and dedication in our safe and secure facility. We are confident that our Montessori is where every child succeeds!