How To Make Tooth Brushing A Fun Activity For Your Toddler?

Dealing with daily life chores is a very challenging task for kids. When it comes to kids’ care, it comes with lots of activities. Getting your kids to bed is hard enough. Add to that the stress of getting them to brush their teeth, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands. To make your parenting easy, the Child Care Buena Park CA team mentioned some ways to make tooth brushing a fun activity.

Let's read it out:
Routine, Routine, Routine

Start young and explain to your child that cleaning their teeth is a regular ritual and not an alternative. They should be aware that they must clean their teeth every morning (you can choose to do this before or after breakfast) and every evening before going to bed and enjoying a story. This will help them understand that brushing their teeth is one of their obligations, even if it's still not their favorite activity. Be sure to explain to your youngster how proper oral practices keep them healthy.

Making brushing and flossing a family affair

A family that cares for one another remains together! Family time should be spent flossing and brushing. Make sure you help your children brush and floss at least twice a day. The family brushing regimen will help create a feeling of regularity, which will make it simpler for kids to develop these positive habits.

Use a fun reward system

Every time they wash their teeth, let your kid pick a sticker to add to a chart as a reward. When the chart is full, let them exchange all of their stickers for a little treat. A helpful reward might also be picking a bedtime tale.

Let your baby try brushing their teeth on their own

Allow your child to attempt brushing their teeth in front of a mirror once they can handle the toothbrush properly. The majority of kids learn best by doing. Again, though, young children lack the dexterity to thoroughly clean all of their tooth surfaces, so it's advised that parents supervise tooth brushing until youngsters are approximately seven or older. Therefore, have your child wash their teeth while you observe, and then, if required, conduct a fast follow-up to remove any remaining plaque. Using a mirror will enable them to see what they're doing and keep them focused. When they become older, kids who never brush their teeth on their own will find it more difficult to pick up the habit.


These are some ways that will help you make tooth brushing a fun activity. It will cut down on one activity from your daily chore. Rather, if you are a working parent, you don’t need to worry about anything; Child Care La Palma, CA, is here to assist you. You can choose us for your child's better care.