Exciting Calendar Games for Kids

For children, learning about days, months, and the notion of time can be difficult. But it can be an enjoyable and interesting process if you have the correct resources and games. The Child Care La Palma CA team has mentioned some exciting calendar games that can help your kids understand and enjoy learning about the calendar.

Let's read it out:

What's the date?

This is a straightforward game that works well for teaching youngsters about dates. Put down on paper several significant dates, such as holidays or birthdays. Let your kid select a piece of paper and look up the date on the calendar. This game stresses the importance of special days while also teaching kids about dates.

Calendar Bingo

Make a bingo card with various dates, weekly days, and annual months on it. The children must write the date or day that you call out on their bingo cards. The winner is the first person to finish a row or column. Kids may learn about the calendar in a fun way by playing this game.

Guess the day

For educating children about the seven days of the week, this game is ideal. Put each day on a different card, and then mix them up. Ask your youngster to select a card and make a guess as to which day is on it—the day that comes before or after. Children may learn about the order of the days of the week by playing this game.

Leap Year

Educating children about leap years may be entertaining with this game. Make a board game where the squares stand in for the days of the year, either 365 or 366. After rolling a die, the players move their tokens. To proceed, they must define a leap year if they arrive on a square that represents February 29.

Month Match

On separate cards, write the names of the months and the number of days in each month. Your youngster should mix them up and match the month to the appropriate number of days. Kids may learn a lot about the various months and their day counts by playing this game.

Holiday Hunt

Put the many holidays on a sheet of paper. Allow your youngster to select a holiday and locate it on the schedule. This game educates youngsters about the months that these holidays fall within in addition to the various holidays themselves.


These calendar games are instructive in addition to being entertaining. Through interesting and participatory activities, they aid children in comprehending the concepts of time, days, months, and seasons. So, use these engaging activities to help your kids learn about calendars in a fun way. Choose our Child Care Cerritos, CA, team for your child's better knowledge.