Winter care tips for your toddlers

The winter season may pose a threat to new parents. The cold weather may be challenging for your child. As parents, it is your responsibility to take care of them and keep them safe and warm during this chilly day. In this blog, the Preschool Cypress CA team is going to reveal some parenting tips for the winter to make your journey easier.

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Wash your winter wear regularly

For hygiene purposes, you need to wash their sweaters and jerkins promptly, as it takes a long time to dry. Most people think that winter is less sweaty, so clothes will not become soiled soon. They forget that woolens tend to attract dust, which may lead to dust allergies and asthma. Wash your children's clothes regularly if you want to prevent them from getting any kind of disease.

Choose an extra-moisturizing body wash for a bath

With the goodness of almond oil, aloe, and olive oil, these are well-known moisturizers. They will help your child's skin prevent post-bath dryness. You can also use a gentle, soap-free cleanser with these ingredients.

Cover up

Sun protection is very crucial for your kids during the winter season, so apply sunscreen for 15 to 30 minutes before venturing out. It should be reapplied every few hours to protect their skin from dryness and tanning.

Woes of winter

Why are we all so susceptible to the flu in the winter? Research suggests several variables. Poor protection causes our bodies to lose heat, grow weak, and become more vulnerable to illnesses. Some researchers link the weakened immune system to a lack of sunlight.

Hygiene Concerns

Winter is on its way which means this is the time of the common cold and flu season. To keep your kids safe, it is crucial to practice good hygiene. First and foremost, ensure your child has received a flu shot. Second, you should carefully wash your baby’s hands when they visit home after outdoor play. To keep their hands clean, you can also give them hand sanitizer.

In addition, keep your child away from anyone else in the house who may already be contagious, as there is a greater risk of your child contracting a cold or the flu from that person. Finally, toddlers' dry skin throughout the winter raises another hygiene concern. Inform your child to avoid taking a bath in water that is too hot and moisturize their skin afterward.


These tips will greatly assist you in caring for your child during the winter season. The Preschool Anaheim CA team recommends that you provide extra attention to your child during the winter season. Hope you find this guide useful in keeping your toddler warm and safe. Instead, you can choose our childcare for your children to provide better care and to begin their education.