Snack ideas for kids' Christmas parties

Christmas is much more than a holiday for every child. It comes with lots of excitement and planning in their minds. This is not only about kids; the parents are also busy with their home decoration and party organization, but some parents still try to make their kid's day special by offering them something special when they want to have any friends gathering at their home. To make their preparation easy, we have listed some snack ideas for kids' Christmas parties.

Have a look:

Fluffy hot chocolate

To enjoy this hot chocolate, you only need a small saucepan. In it, mix 8 tbsp. sugar, 4 tsp. melted marshmallows, 4 cups milk, and cocoa.
Then Over medium heat, cook and stir until the marshmallows are melted (8 minutes). Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract after taking the pan off the heat. Pour into mugs after pouring.

Christmas tree garlic bread

Set a mouthwatering pull-apart garlic bread centerpiece on the table. Children may assist with shaping each dough ball into a beautiful Christmas tree design. Each dough ball is filled with a delicious, melting mozzarella center. This bread delight, which is served with a straightforward tomato sauce for dipping, makes the ideal holiday-sharing item.

Santa Nutter Butters

Why offer regular Nutter Butters during the Christmas season when you can make these lovely Santa cookies with just a few easy steps? By combining white chocolate, red sprinkles, small chocolate chips, and a red hot, you can make a cheerful cookie to add to your holiday dessert table.

Homemade Christmas Cheese Crackers

These crackers have a ton of flavor and are prepared with cheese and whole wheat flour. Although they taste just like goldfish crackers, you are aware of their composition. To make these even more festive, use cookie cutters with seasonal designs.

Strawberry Santa Claus

Strawberries and whip cream are used to make these adorable Santas. You should use a fake whipped product if these goodies will be delivered to a school and won't be chilled. Thus, you can be sure that the whipped cream won't spoil before they consume it.

If you prefer a healthier variation on this holiday-themed snack, Greek yogurt is another choice for the strawberry filling. If sugar is an option, consider using some cake icing instead since it lasts longer than cream cheese.


These are some snack ideas for your kids; the list does not end here, but the above-mentioned tips are good enough to add a spark to their party and impress your baby and their friends. If you are looking for daycare in La Palma, CA, we are here to offer you better services. We have qualified personnel to care for every child. Our team always focuses on the holistic growth of every child to give them a bright future. We are committed to offering help to working parents. For more detail, you can connect with us and book a consultation.